How To Start Mixing Songs As A Hobby?

Are you looking for something different this long period of COVID19 and thinking of what to start, an interesting, very challenging one and a good option are mixing a song.

If you’re enjoying listening to music, this is the time to step up from enjoying listening to creative mixing, due to the affordability of resources like free material and platform online from downloading a free DAW and the availability of audio practice tracks in different genres.

Now everyone can be creative like a mixing engineer who built up a song from RAW multi-track audio into a well-blended sound of a stereo, all you have to do is prepare even your old laptop or desktop PC as your workstation. There’s a lot of free DAW online as well as a tutorial for you to start. The question is, how to start mixing as a hobby?

To get you to start, invest first to the most important tool that you need, your listening headphone, the pro studio headphone is a little bit pricey, but for the beginner, I recommend Behringer HPS3000 model It is the cheapest, but it gives you more natural low frequencies which translate a better sound result in mixing.

Now, If you are looking for a DAW recommendation, I use Reaper, this is a DAW and MIDI sequencer software created by Cockos. The current version is very light and CPU friendly, it runs even for older Windows XP or older Mac OS 10.5 and to the newer one. 

REAPER provides a fully-functional evaluation copy. acts as a host to most industry-standard plug-in formats such as VST and AU and can import all commonly used media formats, including video. REAPER and its included plug-ins are available for download in 32-bit and 64-bit format.

Mixing a song is 50% technical and 50% creative, I know some of you are a bit skeptical about technical but don’t intimidate because there’s a lot of tutorials online, as long as you started it becomes easy like other apps.

Now if you are enjoying music, my tips for you are to change the way you listen instead of enjoying music…

Start Analyzing Everything That You Hear From The Music

1.  Mix Context – every genre has a different mix, try to listen to the mix that accompanies conditions or influences.

2.  Visualize Every Element – train your ears to visualized every instrument one at a time, then two or three instruments at the same time.

3.  Group The Frequencies – train your ears to listen to the group of low frequencies, group of mid, and the group of high frequencies.

4.  Find The Focal Point – find the center of the mix, it is the rhythmic elements playing as the groove of the songs

5.  Analyzed The Depth – like the 3-dimensional images, there is a sense of depth and space on every mix, if your listening focus helps you to visualize that, it means your ears are now ready to start your mixing hobby. If you want more information about mixing, check out this Tagalog video presentation about my mixing struggles.

One thing I would not recommend doing immediately for the hobbyist is to find a list of the best bang for your home studio like audio interface and mics, etc. It much better to hone your mixing skill first, using other bands’ audio track and train your ears until your mix translates closer to your referenced mixed.

From there, you can add more home studio stuff like audio interface and monitor speakers, if you want to make money from your hobby. Till the next blog my friend, and if you have any comment, write it down below and subscribe to us.

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