Who Want To Make It Big Online? Do It Right


Got some awesome songwriting skills? With some help from the internet, you can be the next online sensation! With millions of active users all around the world at any given moment, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, and fan base blogging sites, definitely gives you a great opportunity to obtain a superstar status for only a few minutes of exposure.

Here’s the thing, though: talent is just half of the reason for your success. The other is the quality of your audio and video. And badly produced sound and video content can easily outweigh the gorgeous talent you have.

Here’s a quick guide to young songwriters

1. Create a quality song.

Song quality is subjective, which means it all depends on your target audience. However, whether your song is witty or romantic, make it high quality. It should be easier to remember, catchy, and short (about 3-4 minutes, which is pretty standard for a song).

You can try your luck with edgy or racy lyrics, especially if you’re targeting mature audiences, but remember that there’s a fine line between crappy and strong-worded ones. Be careful.

It may help if you can come up with a radio edit or a clean version of a song just in case your video gets picked up by legitimate news organizations and radio stations.

Some YouTube users try to do a parody or change lyrics of a song perhaps to attract more viewers. As an aspiring songwriter, don’t do any of these unless it’s what you want to be known for. Besides, you may be violating a copyright.

2. Invest in a good but cheap recording equipment.

Have you checked the best demos on YouTube lately? Most of these videos have one thing: good quality recording.

Go DIY home recording using a laptop. Begin with a microphone that correctly captures your voice and another way is to use an audio interface, where you can connect your speaker, headphone, and microphone. The interface is then connected to your computer usually through a USB.

Use free editing software at first to collaborate with someone who is guiding you in mixing especially when you don’t have the experience to trust your instincts. So hopefully this site can become one of those sources.

As you become more confident and gain viewers, improve your equipment or upgrade your room to soundproof too.

3. Test and check.

Before rendering all media files, see to it that your videos and audios are recorded properly and before you upload your contents, check the sound quality. If you were in the shoes of viewers, is it a video you’ll be happy to click?

Becoming an online sensation is not easy. It may take a couple or even years but when you do it right, the possibility of reaching more success is non-stop. Regardless of how much time it needs to be great, always remember: make each of your music content counts by doing it right. This is how you portray yourself to the world. This will portray you in the best light possible and put your unique talent center and front.

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