How To Start Mixing Songs As A Hobby?

Are you looking for something different this long period of COVID19 and thinking of what to start, an interesting, very challenging one and a good option are mixing a song.

If you’re enjoying listening to music, this is the time to step up from enjoying listening to creative mixing, due to the affordability of resources like free material and platform online from downloading a free DAW and the availability of audio practice tracks in different genres. Continue reading “How To Start Mixing Songs As A Hobby?”

Who Want To Make It Big Online? Do It Right


Got some awesome songwriting skills? With some help from the internet, you can be the next online sensation! With millions of active users all around the world at any given moment, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, and fan base blogging sites, definitely gives you a great opportunity to obtain a superstar status for only a few minutes of exposure.

Here’s the thing, though: talent is just half of the reason for your success. The other is the quality of your audio and video. And badly produced sound and video content can easily outweigh the gorgeous talent you have. Continue reading “Who Want To Make It Big Online? Do It Right”

How To Record Clean Vocal Performance

If you’re reading this article and is looking for ways and strategies para magkaroon ng better recording ng iyong vocal performance, you’ve probably already mastered ways on how to improve your singing even without a vocal coach. Now, gusto mo malaman kung pano ang tamang paraan para ma record ang iyong vocal performance ng tama. Continue reading “How To Record Clean Vocal Performance”

How to Improve Vocal Recording even Without a Vocal Coach

Singing can be a challenge for some of us even though we really enjoy doing it. Us Filipinos love to sing even during our pang araw-araw na gawain and just for fun pag wala tayong magawa. If there’s a nation that’s truly vocally gifted, it’s definitely the Philippines.

But not every everyone is equally gifted with singing. May ibang na kailangang ng practice and extra training para ma reach ang tunay nilang potential sa pagkanta, and meron din mga tao na truly gifted sa pagkanta without needing any training or correction. Sila yun favorites ni God kung baga. Continue reading “How to Improve Vocal Recording even Without a Vocal Coach”

6 Rules of Mixing Even Dumbest Newbie Will Understand

When most people think about mixing a song, they immediately think it’s something really complicated. Mixing a song is not rocket science. It’s all about simple steps that become simple processes. Once you understand this, you will not be overwhelmed by any mixing job.

Kahit sabihin pa nating malawak na ang iyong experience sa mga live mixing, admit it, may ibang dicipline ang DAW mixing. May mga pagkakataon naman na nasosobrahan tayo sa pag-gamit ng mga plug-ins na hindi naman kailangan. Kaya naman nandito ang mga simple but usefull guidelines na kailangan nating malaman bago umpisahan ang mixing.

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Here are a Quick 3 Ways to Get Your Ear Trained

Importance of Ear Training for Effective Mixing

One of the most important sense that you should keep clear especially when mixing music is the ear. Well, it a no brainer dapat talaga maging kabisado sa pandinig mo ang mga tamang frequency ng bawat instrumento at ang behaviour ng bawat isa when it comes to mixing.

Sabi nga… you have to trust your ears; this only shows that critical listening is very much important. Dahil gamit na gamit talaga ang tenga sa ganitong uri ng industriya, kaya kailangan talaga ng mga tenga natin ang tinatawag na Ear Training, tulad ng muscle memory, praktis sa tenga.

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5 Mixing Frustrations When Using DAW Software

Everyone wants to have a nice and smooth audio track when it comes to mixing music. Isa sa mga popular na Mixing Software ay ang DAW Application or Digital Audio Workstation. It can be an electronic device or application software, ito ay karaniwang ginagamit sa editing, recording, at pag-produce ng ibat-ibang uri ng audio files.

But behind this very useful audio mixing tool are some frustrated users who end up having unpleasant and undesired audio. Why? Marahil sa sobrang frustration na makagawa o makabuo nang isang maganda komposisyon ay lalo lang nagiging komplikado ang paggamit nito.

Hindi lang mga baguhan kundi pati mga batikan na sa industriya ng audio mixing ang nagkakaroon ng ganitong problema. Actually, there is plenty of DAW application software that is really suited to our needs. May mga uri ang DAW na pwedeng pagpiliian, tulad ng para sa recording, production, and there are also software’s which are meant for editing.

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