Unhappy With The Final Sound Mix?

If you are newly working with a DAW and has been struggling to achieve a great sounding mix, this site should show you the areas of your mix you should focus on improving for a better mixing process and outcome.

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Does Everything Sound Right?

Does it sound good in other speakers too? Can you clearly hear every element on whatever speaker you listen to it? This site should show you the indicator when the mix is done.

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Learn How To Fix Your Mix!

Be more confident as you go into a mixing session. You will know exactly what to fix and how to go about doing it.

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Welcome to this blog!

This blog site is created intended for the individual who already have a DAW setup and has been struggling to achieve a great sounding mix in their music, you will be provided with the information you need as an independent band or solo artist to self-produce your very own music.

Hi, my name is Fernando, I'm a former Recording Engineer, I started working since 1993 as recording studio runner/trainee, studio assistant until I was assigned as remote recording technician for the "Jr Jam live" session on RJTV29 under the mentorship of Recording Engineer-Producer Jim Sarthou (RIP) after almost 2 years, another company hire me as a full-time in-house Recording Engineer, My position at that time was so overwhelming for me, I started reading books about Recording and Mixing, as well as familiarizing my ears to commercial mix until finally, I started my very first recording projects and completed in almost a year mostly for underground band, 22 rock band and 8 mainstream pop and ballad albums with the help of my co-Studio Engineer Alex Generoso, Music Director Tito Fuentes (RIP), and the Songwriter and Executive Producer Pompee La Vina.

Like you, my mixing journey was so stressful it takes a long time, I can't say that my mix was ready and completely done, even though the executive has the approval to release the mix, I still have questioned "why my mix is not exactly sitting in the consumer type speaker compared to the commercial radio mix?" After a long researching and mixing practice, I found the right answers, since then I confidently say my mix is sound ready. When I started adapting the DAW for editing and mixing, using the right tools, fixing different sound issues more become easier and faster, that's the reason why I started this blog, I want to share it with you my hardship years in mixing and help you shorten your mixing difficulties with simple understanding and proper steps to fix the bad and undesirable mix.


Discover more top mixing mistakes and how to avoid them – this will save you loads of time, money and grief!

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